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Dark-30 Studios and True Blood Productions Music Collaboration

We here at Dark-30 Studios are collaborating with True Blood Productions Music to start some new, future projects.

What is True Blood Productions Music?

TrueBlood Productions is an independent music label founded in the year 2000 by music producer KeKo and co - founder Dominere. The label focuses on Hip-Hop, R&B and dabbles in various music genres to broaden their views in entertaining listeners both in domestic and international markets. TrueBlood Productions has released an abundant amount of independent albums extending over twelve years, such as "TrueBlood Strategy," "Formulated Chemistry" and "Bitter Sweet" as well as flim scoring projects "The Score" and "The Score 2" created entirely by KeKo. "The plan is to put the label on the center stage across all music genres, eventually crossing over to video games, and film scoring, never settling when it comes to quality and consistently developing our brand to our listeners for many years to come."

Check them out:


We have many projects lined up and are looking forward to collaborating and producing great content for all people within the entertainment industry.

Our first project is an environment video developed in Unreal 4 using a sound track from True Blood Productions Music. The music combined with the environment allows you to really feel the atmosphere with the action that is present. The slow beginning, almost tranquil, soon changes to upbeat and tense. This will truly make you feel more at one with the game than ever before.

Here are some screenshots of the environment currently in development:

Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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